Thursday, September 29, 2011

Wasting Away....

I have recently become much more aware of the amount of stuff I own.

And the worst of all of it is that I am definitely bored or have fallen out of love with most of it and want (not need) new stuff.

Right now I have fallen in love with mid-range skin care. Lancome, Biotherm, Bliss and Clinique all seem to call my name and beckon me over with their beautiful packaging and promises of better skin every time I enter a Sephora or Shopper's Drug Store. And then I do some research on their products and find out I HAVE to have a new cleanser because mine isn't removing all of my makeup, or doesn't exfoliate in a new way, or whatever.  I also notice that my make-up is now one-ish shades too dark since my tan has faded. But it's ok because the bottle is getting close to empty, right?

Ever notice that when things are close to empty they actually take forever to actually run out? It looks as though there isn't too much left in the bottle but once replaced I notice there is at least another week or two worth of stuff in it!

I am trying not to be wasteful. I am trying to be conscious of using up my current stuff before replacing it. And then really getting a treat in the new stuff I get to choose. Separating want from need shouldn't be about separating treats from staples. Need should be the treat because you get to replace something you have used with something new and fresh!

Cheers to non-wasteful treating <3

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