Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Hiding from the storm

Do you ever notice that when the weather turns stormy, you tend to hibernate inside? It's a pretty logical reaction.

I also find that I do my best relaxing when I am forced inside and have no reason to go out. My mother would be so proud -- she is always telling me that I need to learn how to "underachieve". And underachieving for me generally involves being ok with staying in, relaxing, and doing nothing important, or nothing at all. Surprisingly this is something I am usually quite awful at.

So, considering tonight is stormy, my cravings tell me I could go out and brave the storm for the gym, or see what the mall is offering right now. However, against my normal (not necessarily better) judgment I have decided to forgo my normal urges and relax, inside. And sure my gut reaction is to whip up some baked good, clean the kitchen, sweep the floors, scrub the bathrooms and then maybe relax for ten seconds prior to starting my nightly bed-time routine. Yes, I am twenty-five and still have a nightly bed-time routine.

Whoa Nelly, I think I actually might just sit for a minute, take a deep breath and finish typing this.

Maybe just so that I don't feel as though I did nothing today I should dust and polish my silverware...


Storms also go hand in hand with a nice fire (sort of shown below), a good book (...optional, or can be substituted for a magazine), a nice cup of tea (definitely show below), a warm knitted sweater (like the one I'm wearing, except red), and a perfectly paired piece of chocolate (eat your heart out). It also helps if you have a nice camera (and know how to use it, something I am currently working on) to document these special cozy moments.

So I don't have a wonderful fireplace to relax beside, but I have a candle. I am working with what I have, and scented candles make the room smell delicious. And peppermint tea and dark chocolate create a romantic evening in, and have kept my normal knee-jerk reactions at bay.

Some other storm approved relaxing activities I can think of? Painting your nails, updating your ipod music, and most definitely catching up on all the latest fashion trends. I can feel the relaxation taking over.

Damn, I do have to fold my laundry though.

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